Because of the extraordinary rise in the price of silver, I, like many jewelry makers, am seeking alternative metals to use in the jewelry I make as well as the jewelry I purchase for your pleasure.  Aluminium is a great alternative to silver.  It is extremely lightweight allowing you to wear those big, very fashionable earrings! It is also easy to maintain:  simply wipe with a microfiber cloth.   All earwires are surgical stainless steel, the neck cords are waxed cotton, clasps are silver plate.   These pieces are made in Albuquerque, NM.

Horse 1" Disc
Turtle 1" disc
Man in the Maze 1" disc
Curved Trapezoid 1.25"
Teardrop 1.25"
oval donut 1.25"L
Large Donuts 1.5"
Feather Shield Disc
Lightweight Stamped Aluminium Earrings:  $10.00 a pair
Running Horses 5/8" Cuff
Lightweight Milled Aluminium Earrings:  $15.00 a pair
Milled Aluminium Cuffs :  $30.00 each