The one of a kind necklaces on this page are made by me for you.  All the stones are real. Soft stones like turquoise are routinely stabilized with wax.  Some are heat treated to enhance color.  If a stone has been significantly altered (dyed or reconstituted), I will let you know.

All knotted pieces are on silk thread.  Other pieces are strung on high quality, multistrand wire.  I use sterling and pewter findings and note which metal I have used in each piece.  I often make long pieces with no metal for people who have metal sensitivities or who have difficulty manipulating clasps.
Malachite Necklace
Fancy Agate Bear Fetish Necklace
Amazonite Necklace
Carnelian and Red Jasper Bear Fetish Necklace
Dalmatian Jasper Dolphin Fetish Necklace
Rainbow Fluorite Necklace
Kashgar Garnet Horse Fetish Necklace
Mook Jasper Bear Fetish Necklace
Mook Jasper Pendant on Leather
Ocean Jasper Necklace
Snowflake Obsidian and Onyx Fish Fetish Necklace
Jasper Scarab Fetish Necklace
Sodalite Rabbit Fetish Necklace
Sodalite Dog Fetish NecklaceTiger an
Tigereye and Nougat Amber NecklaceUna
Wolf Fetish Necklace