Because of the extraordinary rise in the price of silver, I, like many jewelry makers, am seeking alternative metals to use in my jewelry.  Pewter (zinc) is a great option.  Most pewter is cast in China or Thailand and all of the pewter I work with is lead free.  As you can see, it combines very well with gemstones.  Earwires are surgical stainless steel.  
Each pair of earrings: 6 mm stones w/ pewter drops       $15.00
To customize a pair:  pick a gemstone and a drop.  
Minimum custom order is 2 pair.

Reversible Paw/Love My Dog
Blue Quartz
Healing Hands w/ Carnelian
Horseshoes w/ Green Turquoise
Sea Turtles w/Green Turquoise
Sheep w/Howlite
Pawprints w/Sodalite
6mm Stones Available